Friday, October 22, 2010

brooches! :)

Cute brooches to add that extra sparkle and colour to your outfit!

Flower brooches with that extra bounciness to it! :)
The safety pins are safely crocheted onto the back of the brooches.
Flatter flowers with adjustable petals!

Ribbons of all sizes! :)

And lastly, beautiful fluffy Roses!

Turn that plain outfit around with one of our brooches for some quirky, vintage charm.
Be as creative as you want and have fun sticking them wherever you want! :)

For all flower brooches and small ribbons: RM7 each
For the Rose and Big ribbons brooches: RM8 each
Purchase 2 brooches and get a 10% discount
Purchase 3 or more brooches and get a 20% discount!
*feel free to mix and match the brooches! :)

Status: All currently available! :)
Colour: Custom colour upon request
Colours subject to availability. E-mail us.

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