Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bow Headband

Pretty Bows!

Designed by Creativeyarn

Bows are in! The bow headband looks very Blair Woldorf-esque. As always, we guarantee immaculate crocheting using acrylic yarn. The headband is made of two crocheted strings that merges together to form one band for easy tying ;)

The bow is Length 5.5inches x Width (widest part) 3 inches.
If you think the bow is too large for your personal taste we are able to customise the bow size for you free of charge.

Size: One size fits all
Colour: White, Off-white, Beige, Dark Blue, Blue, Dark Red, Red, Maroon, Dark Grey, Grey, Black, Yellow, Green, Magenta*
Price: RM 15.00
Status: Sold
*RM 1 will be charged for custom colours

**Remakes are possible. E-mail us :)